Haiti's Agricultural Professionals

5 years ago in Northern Haiti  

 David working in new plantains. 

David working in new plantains. 

. . .we picked David up on the road when he was in need of a ride. As providence would have it, David is a Ag Tech. This means that he is highly trained and knows his stuff when it comes to farming.  We talked about our agricultural programs, and he applied to work in one of the garden projects that CREOLE, Inc. sponsors. He was persistent and eventually got the job. David was the first. 5 years later there are 12 professional ag techs that are employed year round. They are the key to everything we do.

Ag techs oversee terracing projects that provide jobs for hundreds of people. They assist family gardeners in growing food for consumption and market. They plant, grow and process coffee for export. These exceptional individuals are fantastic examples Haitians helping Haitians. 

Consider investing in our friends in Haiti. Your gift of $20 supports David, and agri-professionals, like him for a day. $100 will cover a salary for a week. Will you support us as we work to restore land, create jobs, and care for people in Northern Haiti?